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Valley Of Dreams Extra 8

It's alive again finally :)!
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Chapter 3:3: Spoon

Chapter 3: My Evil Boyfriend

Yes, I skipped ahead about five comics but those are taking so long that I could'nt help myself and made this one
Don't worry, it will all be put together and make sense soon, I just really wanted to post this one :3

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Chapter 2:25 : Dragon

Just a note: After this comic I went from using a PC with a less than good copy of PS, to a brand new Imac with Comic Life. As such, all comics after this one look much better and have cleaner word balloons :)
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Also I upgraded to a paid account again and all of my picture galleries came back :D!

Chapter 2:19 : Lost

I have posted these on MLPArena but just remembered to start posting here again :)
Hopefully, this will mean more new comics soon :)
All the links to the older comics work now to :D

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