Valley Of Dreams

The Place Promised in Our Early Days

4 May 1983
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By alicornmoon
Starting Date: 4/22/06
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At least once a month from now on :)

Valley Of Dreams is a low budget photo webcomic starring two G1 My Little Pony..um, ponies.

In a future where common everyday troubles have become too much to handle, and magic is dead, Lickety-Split and Velvet are about to take part in an adventure they could only dream of...

This comic is rated KP: (K)nowledge of My Little (P)ony 80's cartoon advised, bad jokes likely.


Image hosting by PhotobucketA hopeless romantic,Lickety-Split has a habit of being selfish. Often makes a hobby of making up peoples minds for them, and talking to herself while chasing Velvet. Is prone to sudden flashes of insight, and is for the most part soft spoken.

Image hosting by PhotobucketA hopeless dreamer,Velvet has a habit of doing things without thinking about them first. Often makes a hobby of chasing after handsome stallions and attracting mares in their place. Is also prone to sudden flashes of insight and is very talkive.
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